15/10/2009 - Absolut Chaos Fashion Show

October was the month for the trendiest party in town all courtesy of BSFX Models!  We sponsored another ABSOLUT CHAOS fashion show hosted at Karma Nights Club In Edinburgh.  Unique (hair salon) organized a fantastic fashion show in which our very own famous BSFX Models took part within, live within Karma Nights Club!  The fun didn’t stop there though, there was live music played, singing and absolutely mind blowing routine dance and break dancing which blew our audience away!

30/09/2009 - MOBO AFTER PARTY

MOBO Awards came to town, and who was invited to be a part of this exclusive night? BSFX Models of course!  The after party at Byblos Night Club in Glasgow consisted of our very own BSFX Models partying the night away whilst mingling with the stars!  We were privileged to be supported by up and coming artists such as Sway, Kig, Marvel, Mc Eyzee, MistaJam! Rock on guys!

25/09/2009 - 27/09/2009 - Hot SAuCe Music Video

This month also seen the extremely ‘HOT’ successful making of The Hot Sauce Music Video!  This was produced by our very talented team within BRIGHT SIDEFX Multimedia and Productions (www.brightsidefx.com) for the very talented musicians Ahmed and Sammi-J.  Our very own BSFX Models were given the opportunity to participate within this and done a fantastic job!  A Hearty thank you to all those who participated within the making of this, very well done guys!

Still photography: Barrie Spence, David Monteith-Hodge, Fwad Afzal, Howard Elwyn-Jones

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BSFX MODELS was officially launched on 21st August. The launch event was held at the Signet library and included an authentic and classy catwalk by BSFX MODELS showcasing their newest and most talented models and the new and top range clothes from variety of designer shops and boutiques in Edinburgh. The show was also mixed with great dance, live music, live singing and the breakdance by the champions of Scotland. We would like to thank all those who took part in organising the event and all the sponsors. The Director of BSFX – Shahram Shahbazi said “The event was everything that I expected it to be; classy, dignified, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable to the audience which is what this is all about”. Stay tuned for more entertaining and cutting edge events and watch Edinburgh’s best modelling agency show the world the BRIGHT SIDE!

Lasvegas Chippendales
Sammi Muirhead (Flute and live singing)
Random Aspekz (Breakdance chapmpions of Scotland)
Dan and Danni (The hang players)
The Crowe (Beatbox)
Ben (Violin)

Unique (Choreography)
Butterflies Bride (Clothing)
Totty Rocks (Clothing)
JMGroup (Aston Martin)

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BSFX MODELS sponsored ABSOLUT CHAOS fashion show, which was organised to celebrate the beginning of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009. This ground breaking show was held at Cabaret Voltaire, which was a great success and had over 500 people attend. It was organised by Unique (Hair Salon) and BSFX provided some of its professional models. There was live flute and singing, violin and saxophone, some very entertaining live beatboxing and MC, dance and breakdance mixed simultaneously while there was a live catwalk to some amazing club tunes. For a Monday night, Cabaret Voltaire was packed, with no room to move, everyone had a blast and it was by far one of the most entertaining nights Edinburgh has ever seen. BSFX is now one of the major official sponsors of ABSOLUT CHAOS Nights by Unique, which will take place on a monthly basis in different clubs and cities all around Europe.

22/07/2009 - Campaign shoot for bsfx fashion show

Anna and Rita were chosen to be the main faces for our campaign for the official launch party and fashion show on 21st August. The photo shoot was at the Signet library where the fashion show will take place and this stunning photo will be used on the flyers, posters and the ad in I-ON magazine's August issue 2009. Carolyn Baxter was the stylist and makeup artist, the photography was by Tom Bishop and the event was overseen by the director of BSFX, Shahram Shahbazi.

09/05/2009 and 10/05/2009 - Model test shoots

BSFX organised another test shoot for six of its newest models Rita, Samantha, Melissa, Charlie, Amanda and Alice to help them build up their portfolios. The shoots were overseen by Shahram Shahbazi and ShonaDamster at Hudson hotel. The style and the outfits were provided by Ian Tod, Carolyn Baxter was the makeup artist and stylist and Alan Meadows did the photography. Please view their new photos at the female model section of this website.

01/03/2009 - Model test shoots

BSFX organised a test shoot for Yasmin and Kirstin to help them build up their portfolios. The shoot was organised by Shahram Shahbazi and ShonaDamster at Murrayfield Hotel.

04/02/2009 - Model Trainings

After a successful casting in November and also finding great potentials around Scotland, BSFX has started its weekly trainings to make sure the models has the standards and quality to be able to work in the professional industry. Trainings include teaching the concepts of modelling, catwalk and how models should act and play their role in the professional market. The models were trained by Shona Damster.  They will complete an 8 week professional model course with at least 2 hours per week to train with a professional model trainer. 

16/11/2008 - Model casting

BSFX is looking for new talent for our new modelling agency. Both male and female are welcome to attend the casting. So if you are an aspiring model and would like to get into modelling and grace the exciting modelling world then this casting is for you.


5ft 5 and above (for beauty and editorial work)
Dress size 6-10
5ft 7 and above (fashion models)
Dress size 6-10
Please be presentable
5ft 11 and above
No makeup must be worn
Hair must be styled
Please be presentable


Sunday 16 th November 2008

You can attend the casting anytime between 10:00AM - 5:00PM


THE POLICE CLUB - 28 York Place – EH1 3EP


Email: info@brightsidemodels.co.uk
Tel:+44 (0) 131 2083334